What is the Corporate Structure?
Vintage Aircraft Group, Inc. (VAG) is a NY State Not-for-Profit corporation and has received its Internal Revenue Service determination as a Section 501-C-3 non-profit organization.

What Projects is the group working on?
We are working on a Lockheed T-33,  Fairchild PT-26's 'Cornell' and PT-19's. Stinson L-5G Sentinel,  and a 1941 fire truck. Workdays are Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Support vehicle maintenance is also being accomplished.

What facilities are available to the membership?
All airport facilities are available. We have a lobby, classroom, toilet facilities, two hangars, maintenance offices and a hard surface ramp and runway. There's plenty of room for picnicking, etc. We're hoping this facility will become a gathering place for our members. An aviation and military book library will be established.

Is there a mechanic at the airport?
Not at the present time, but we are actively looking for one. We have a retired Aircraft Inspector that will be participating with the organization and we are hoping to have several others join us.

Who owns the property?
The property is owned by Eugene Haines, his sister and family. The Vintage Aircraft Group has leased the airport property, about 70 acres, and building. Provisions to obtain ownership are expected to be worked out as the Vintage Aircraft Group becomes a solid organization.

Will the Vintage group build facilities on privately owned land?
No, we intend to own the land on which any permanent facility is constructed.

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