N-number :                                     N226PT

Aircraft Serial Number :                FC213

Aircraft Manufacturer :                   FAIRCHILD

Model :                                            M-62A-3

Engine Manufacturer :                   FAIRCHILD (Ranger)

Model :                                            6-440 SERIES

Aircraft Year :                                 1943

Registration Date :                        24-Sep-1998

Airworthiness Certificate Type :  Standard

Approved Operations :                 Normal



This two-seat trainer has been through a restoration that was finished in 2003 ( Paint issue below). A FAA certified inspector (IA) observed the entire restoration process.

The following repairs were accomplished:


This aircraft came from Canada and was used during WW II as a trainer.  It was based in mid Canada and we have some of the military history including the sale documents signed by the plant test pilot and the receiving officer from the RCAF.

         TT Airframe 599

         Aircraft was dissembled and most metal parts were painted with epoxy undercoat,

         Wood parts were coated with epoxy varnish,

         Aircraft was covered using the Poly Fiber process.


         484 TT and 116 TSMOH. Crankshaft, connecting rods etc. were sent out for magnaflux testing. The engine was reassembled using an approved overhaul kit. It is a strong engine and uses the normal amount of oil expected from a Ranger engine.

         Sensenich Wood Propeller is in airworthy condition.




         VAL Comm  Radio

         New seats cushions,

         Strobe light,

         New window glass,


         New battery,

         New tires. 


The aircraft has flown regularly since restoration and is a very solid flying machine.

Computer CD's with most engineering drawings, parts book, maintenance books and pilot flight manuals are included with the aircraft.


The aircraft could use an additional coat of paint and the insignia for the RCAF.  The truth is that we became excited and wanted to fly the aircraft before the final coat of paint.  The paint is reasonably good but a final coat would make the aircraft first class. There are a few minor items that could be done.  The aircraft is priced based on the current condition.  This winter, if the aircraft is not sold we will probably put on that final coat of paint and re-price the aircraft.





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