Children flee water as tiger shark stalks bustling Perth beach

A curious tiger shark hiding in the shallows from a busy Perth beach scared children away from the water as it approached a few feet from shore.

The incredible moment was captured in drone footage, showing the dark form of the shark slowly navigating through the water at Whitford Dog Beach, north of the town.

The two children, standing up to their thighs in the water, seem completely oblivious to the danger that awaits them. Suddenly spotting the shark, they turn and flee the water.

Two children run away from the water after spotting the shark a few meters away. Source: Liam Baster – Instagram / @ mayhem85

The drone pilot, Liam baster, said he felt nervous watching the children in the water and hoped they would see the 2.5m shark before it was too late.

He was on the phone to spray the police at the same time, signaling how close the shark was to the swimmers.

“My phone call to the police was intense because I was very worried and wanted them to act faster,” he told Yahoo News.

“… I didn’t want to capture an attack. But tiger sharks are shy and curious.

“If the conditions had been cloudy or the visibility was bad, I dare say it would have been a reality. “

Mr. Baster, a B1 aircraft maintenance engineer with a keen interest in photography, follows the SharkSmart WA app closely and was nearby when alerted to the shark.

“I tried chasing the rescue boat with the drone to alert them and get them to follow the drone, but it didn’t work,” he said.

“Following the shark closer to the water seemed to attract people’s attention. “

Just seconds after the two boys have withdrawn from the water, a dog is seen sprinting through the shallows, but quickly turns around.

Another angle shows dozens of people gathered on the sand, apparently aware of the shark.

Following the visit of the animal, some parts of the beach were closed.

Mr. Baster described his video that went viral as “really crazy”.

“I didn’t intend to create fear in the footage, but more caution and vigilance when going to the beach in the summer,” he said.

A tiger shark lurks near the beach as people watch from the shore.

After the sighting, the beach was closed. Source: Liam Baster – Instagram / @ mayhem85

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time Mr. Baster has captured a close call on camera.

Last year, his drone was following another large tiger shark when it approached a few feet from a surfer.

“I told this kid he was so close to the shark,” he said.

“He had no idea.”

The Perth-based engineer took to photography to pay tribute to his late father, who worked as a cameraman for Channel 7 and Channel 9.

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