Concerns over US spy plane spotted over Ukraine

A US spy plane has been seen flying over Ukraine over fears that Russia is exploiting the holiday season to invade its neighbor.

A US spy plane was spotted over Ukraine “for the first time” as fears grew that Russia could exploit the holiday season to invade the neighboring country.

The sun reports that the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System was seen in the skies of Eastern Europe on December 27 as the crisis over Ukraine continues to escalate.

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It comes amid growing concerns that Vladimir Putin plans to invade the adjacent country in early 2022, when more than 175,000 Russian troops have reportedly been detected at the border.

But the United States retaliated against the power of intimidation and insisted it could “rain destruction” on Russia with nuclear weapons if Putin made a move.

Tensions have now reached the sky as countries in conflict watch each other with state-of-the-art equipment.

The US E-8C JStar, pictured in Ukrainian airspace on Monday, has the ability to collect and display detailed information from the ground below.

Updates are provided in real time to Army and Marine Corps stations and other intelligence officials.

Cutting-edge technology allows the E-8C’s antenna to tilt to either side of the aircraft, bringing together a 120-degree field view.

It can detect targets over 820,000 feet in the air and has a view covering nearly 20,000 square miles.

Helicopters, rotating antennas and low and slow fixed-wing aircraft can also occasionally be detected by high-tech radar.

The plane has proven to be an effective surveillance method for the United States over the years and could mean their increasingly volatile relationship with Russia regarding the crisis in Ukraine reaching a tipping point.

Many wonder about the possible motivations of Vladimir Putin and if he intends to strike while the world celebrates Christmas.

He had previously threatened to administer a “military-technical” response if the West did not stop being “aggressive”.


Isabel Sawkins, a researcher at the Henry Jackson Society, told The Sun it’s possible Putin will step up war games and rhetoric while the West is “distracted” during the holidays.

She said: “Russia does not celebrate Christmas at the same time as the West because it operates on a slightly different schedule.

“So over the next few weeks Moscow will go about its business normally.

“All we can do is hope Putin doesn’t sneak in and wreak more havoc as Westerners celebrate Christmas with their families and loved ones.”

But Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today that talks between Washington and Moscow will resume after the end of the holiday season in Russia.

He also revealed that the country wanted military officials involved in NATO negotiations after criticizing the Western security alliance.

Sawkins added that the current political climate in Europe has created an “opportune” time for Putin to step up rhetoric.

She suggested that the United States was concerned about Covid, events in the Pacific region and the consequences of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, allowing Russia to “slip through the net.”

Moscow has lashed out at the United States for interfering in issues at Russia’s “gates” and has said it will not stand idly by.


In early December, Russia claimed its fighter jets intercepted another US spy plane over the Black Sea.

Washington is believed to have sent the plane to monitor Russian troops massing along the border, as fears of a potential conflict peak.

EU leaders joined forces with the United States and said they would impose sanctions if Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

US intelligence fears that Russia is preparing for a “massive offensive” against Ukraine, which would test the West’s resolve.

Kiev’s allies have always been committed to supporting them, but intervening against Russia could risk escalating into a conflict that could explode into World War III.

Scary reports suggest that Russia has approved plans for “urgent mass graves” amid fears of a colossal conflict.

Russian outlet MK said the burial sites were built as a priority after they appeared on leaked legal documents that are expected to go into effect on February 1.

The burial sites are said to house 100 corpses each and would be used in conjunction with facilities to cremate the bodies of soldiers.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission

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