Metro Aviation continues to deliver the new H125 for Texas DPS

Working with aviation technology and wireless communications company CNC Technologies, Metro customized the aircraft to meet the specific needs of the Texas DPS mission. The result is the most advanced law enforcement aerial mission platform completed to date by Metro’s Louisiana Completion Center.

The aircraft is the first in the Texas DPS fleet to be equipped with the TrakkaBeam TLX projector and Boost Human External Cargo (HEC) system. The HEC system includes a quick-release hook that can remain on the helicopter during non-HEC operations, maintenance requirements are reduced and helicopter uptime is maximized. The Metro team also installed the latest Wescam MX10 and Shotover ARS real-time augmented reality mapping systems.

“This specific helicopter has been equipped with the latest avionics, mapping, thermal imaging, video downlink and communications technology on the market,” said Major Marcus Tomerlin of the department’s flight operations division. “It will be deployed in one of our South Texas border regions. This specific helicopter will assist Texas in its mission to secure our southern border and provide an added level of public safety to our citizens and law enforcement partners.

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