Now Plane-like Black Box in Mumbai Local Train to Detect Cause of Crashes and Delays | Railway News

With thousands of passengers traveling every day, local trains are called the lifeline of the country’s financial capital, Mumbai. Sometimes dangerous accidents also occur during this trip due to technical breakdown or accidents. Post-accident investigations often take a long time.

Keeping all these things in mind, modern technology will now be used in Central and Western Railway line trains on the black box lines installed in the aircraft. In this technology, an audio video system will be used which will be installed in the cabin of the motorist and the guard.

Until now, the railways have installed cameras in the cars, but thanks to this new technology, cameras will now be installed outside the cars and in front of the train as well.

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This technology is to be installed in a total of 226 trains, including 113 on the Western Line and 165 on the Central Line. This audio video system has so far been installed in 25 Western Line locomotive trains and 3 Central Line trains.

The particularity of these cameras will be that they will be able to withstand high-speed winds as well as the jolts of the train. To store data from the camera, it has a 2TB chip, the data of which will be stored for 90 days.



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