Royal Navy turns roles against Putin’s submarines stalking British aircraft carrier as helicopters rush to chase them

The Royal Navy turned the tide on Putin’s submarines tracking down a British aircraft carrier as helicopters rushed in to chase them away.

Britain’s largest aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was chased by a Russian submarine in Black Sea waters, it seems.


HMS Queen Elizabeth was stalked by Russian submarine, it is heardCredit: PA
Merlin helicopter lands on flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth


Merlin helicopter lands on flight deck of HMS Queen ElizabethCredit: PA: Press Association

After learning that the Royal Navy ship was being tracked, two Merlin Mk2 helicopters were deployed to search for the Russian submarine.

And the plane then dropped sonic buoys into the water in an attempt to locate the stalking submarine underwater.

The hunt for the prowling ship, which is said to have hunted down HMS Queen Elizabeth and her escort ships, took place four days after the confrontation between HMS Defender and Russian forces in the Black Sea, the Telegraph reports.

Russia previously launched a series of military maneuvers in the Mediterranean – which featured hypersonic missiles in their artillery.

Along with HMS Queen Elizabeth, two Type 45 destroyers, two Type 23 frigates and two support ships were also tracked down while sailing off the coast of Cyprus last month.

The ordeal reportedly occurred on June 27 – but the Defense Ministry declined to confirm details.


The Defense Ministry said: “We do not comment on operational issues of this type, but can confirm that strong measures are in place to protect HMS Queen Elizabeth and the ships of the British Carrier Strike Group.”

Ryan Ramsey, a former Royal Navy submariner and commander of the world-renowned Perisher training course, told The Telegraph: “Submarines aim to go undetected – it keeps you from doing your job.

“Evasion in a submarine is really difficult when you face something as capable as Merlin helicopters. The UK has always been very effective in anti-submarine warfare using ships, submarines. -marines and aviation.

“When I taught the Submarine Command course, Perisher, it was the Merlins that worried the student captains the most. I am sure the opposition is doing the same.


The Russian navy is said to have diesel-electric submarines in the Mediterranean, near its naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus.

Moscow has warned the UK that it will bomb British Navy ships in the Black Sea if provoked by certain actions.

Since the Black Sea ordeal, HMS Queen Elizabeth has been spotted crossing the Suez Canal with her carrier strike group.

It comes just days after Russian fighter jets repeated bombardment of enemy ships in the Black Sea – days after threatening to sink a British destroyer sailing in the area.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he can attack any ship because the West knows “very well that they cannot win in this war”.

During an hour-long televised question-and-answer session, the Kremlin strongman said: “Even if we had sunk the British destroyer near Crimea, it is unlikely that the world would have been on the edge. of the third world war. “

He added: “Those who do this know that they could not be the winners in this war.

“We are on our land. We are fighting for ourselves and our future.”

Putin appears to have put his money where his mouth is by ordering his Black Sea fleet to train in bombing exercises alongside NATO forces undertaking “Sea Breeze” war games.

Russian exercises included the Sukhoi Su-30SM multipurpose fighters, Sukhoi Su-24M bombers, Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers and Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jets, according to the official RIA news agency.

Moscow warns UK it will bomb British Navy ships in Black Sea


Moscow warns UK it will bomb British Navy ships in Black SeaCredit: EPA
Putin warns UK “cannot win this war” after Russian Navy clashes with HMS Defender in Black Sea

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