TMSEP236: airfare ceiling, aircraft maintenance, edible oil stocks, flag code

In September, national airlines will have a free hand in deciding fares. The government announced on Wednesday the lifting of the airfare cap after more than two years. Does this mean that we will have to pay more for plane tickets? Will this also lead to a price war?

Some cash-strapped national airlines have cut corners to stay afloat. Even at the cost of security. The recent resurgence of technical hiccups and emergency landings has brought this to light and forced the air regulator DGCA to intervene. So what is poisoning the aircraft maintenance industry?

Like the airlines, the government too is in firefighting mode. Although in a different area. It is trying to bring inflation down and has now ordered edible oil suppliers to cut prices by up to Rs 40 a liter in recent weeks. As commodity prices remain volatile, will players like Adani Wilmar and Patanjali Foods pay the price?

India will celebrate 75 years of independence on Monday. From WhatsApp profile pictures to balconies to railroad crossings, tricolors are flying everywhere. But do you know the rules governing the national flag? Watch this episode of the podcast to learn more.

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